Several of my good friends are tour operators, guides, or connected into the tourist industry. Here in Israel, tourism is one of our nation’s primary sources of income. It is a good career for people who speak multiple languages.

Millions of Christians from all nations come to Israel each year to connect with the history and roots of their faith. They instinctively recognize that the best way to connect with their Messiah is to go back to where it all began.

Passover season is a particularly busy time as Christians come to the Holy Land to reflect on the week of Yeshua’s death and resurrection. Because of its prominence in the Gospels, Passover is a special opportunity to build a bridge between Jews and Christians and to give Christians a glimpse into the Jewishness of their Messiah.

A Passover Seder is a uniquely eye-opening event. Christians who attend a seder or Passover demonstration often come away full of inspiration and excitement, and with a recharged faith. They gain a new hunger to learn about the festivals and the Jewish context of the New Testament.

Passover is often a first step for people who eventually come to appreciate Yeshua as a faithful Jew, the kingdom focus of the Gospel, the beauty of the Torah, and the centrality of Israel in God’s plan. We want to start as many people on this journey as possible. Not every Christian can make a pilgrimage to Israel, but every Christian should be able to encounter the Master at his Passover table.

To accomplish this, we set out to make a Passover Haggadah that could meet Christians where they are and transport them to the Last Supper in its Jewish setting. This beautiful, full-color, simple-to-use yet comprehensive Passover Haggadah is titled, The Master’s Table: A Passover Encounter for Christians.

While presenting an authentic and informative Passover experience, this guidebook is friendly and accessible to beginners and those without a Jewish upbringing. It reveals how the Passover holiday, with all its commandments and customs, is a picture of his suffering, death, and resurrection as the Messiah.

To get this into as many hands as possible, we realized that cost could not be a barrier. We set the price of this new Haggadah just to cover our bare cost to produce it. That is why each book is just $2.00 when you buy five or more, and we pay for shipping.

Now we need your help. Host a seder, whether it is in your home, your church, or your congregation. Invite as many people as you can. Let the participants take the Haggadah home after the event so they can review it and continue to learn. Maybe they will be the ones to lead a seder next year.

Order extra copies of this book and give them away to your Christian friends and pastors that you know. We pray that it will spark a new desire in them to connect with Yeshua.

The Master’s Table Haggadah does all the work and is easy to use with clear instructions, fun illustrations, and with suggested points of discussion. Plan your seder now and begin inviting guests—it will be a meaningful and spiritual time of fellowship.

It was at a Passover Seder when Yeshua instructed his disciples, “Do this in remembrance of me” (Luke 22:19). At First Fruits of Zion, we pray that every Christian would honor Passover and have a meaningful Passover Seder.

One day, we will all sit at the Master’s table. As he said, “For I tell you I will not eat it until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God” (Luke 22:16).

* The new full-color 48-page Haggadah, The Master’s Table, sells for only $2 each, for quantities of 5 or more, and First Fruits of Zion pays for the shipping! Order yours today!

Source: First Fruits of Zion