What the Media Won’t Cover: Hamas Terrorists Treated in Israeli Hospital

What the Media Won’t Cover: Hamas Terrorists Treated in Israeli Hospital

Dozens of wounded terrorists had life-saving procedures done for them.

By Hugh Fitzgerald, Frontpage Magazine

We know that Hamas would not properly treat a single wounded Israeli, whether soldier or civilian, who fell into its clutches.

We already have heard about a half-dozen Israelis who were wounded and then taken hostage back to Gaza, only to be killed while in the terrorists’ custody. That’s not how the Israelis behave.

They treat wounded terrorists, saving their lives, bringing them if need be to the most advanced medical facilities in Israel. There are dozens of these Hamas terrorists now recuperating in Israeli hospitals, where they receive the same care as Israelis.

This story doesn’t get any attention in the international media because, of course, it doesn’t fit the narrative of colonial-settler-apartheid Israel, committing genocide on the helpless Palestinians.

Here is the latest news about one such Hamas patient, alive today because of Israeli surgeons: “Hamas terrorist wounded in Gaza being treated in Israeli hospital — reports,” Times of Israel, December 13, 2023:

A Hamas terrorist wounded in fighting in the Gaza Strip is being treated in Sharon Hospital in Petah Tikva, Hebrew media reported Wednesday.

The move is in apparent contravention of a Health Ministry decision, made in the immediate aftermath of Hamas’s October 7 onslaught, that captured terrorists would only be treated in IDF or prison service medical facilities.

According to the reports, the man was seriously injured in fighting on Tuesday and due to the severity of his wounds, it was decided to transfer him to the central Israel medical center….

Sources familiar with the decision told Channel 12 and Kan that captured terrorists needing urgent medical treatment were being rotated through different Israeli hospitals. The official said the rotation agreement was done in coordination with the Health Ministry.

Soroka hospital in Beersheba confirmed to Kan that it also has a Gaza terrorist being treated there.

The comments appeared to indicate that Israel has shifted its stance from the initial decision not to treat captured terrorists in Israeli hospitals.

In early October, then health minister Moshe Arbel sent a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu informing him that he had ordered all public hospitals and health services to redirect injured terrorists to IDF or prison service medical facilities.

“Since the beginning of the war, the issue of treating the accursed Hamas terrorists in public hospitals has created great strain on the healthcare system,” Arbel wrote.

He wrote that the health system needed to be focused on treating victims of the slaughter committed by the terrorists, injured soldiers, and on preparing for what is to come in the war.

“The task of treating and providing security for the accursed terrorists in the public health care system just detracts from this,” Arbel wrote….

The original idea was that it made sense, given the security problem of guarding Hamas patients in treatment, to place them not in ordinary Israeli hospitals, but in IDF or prison service medical facilities, where there is already a heavy security presence.

But in the end, because some of these patients needed a level of care that those facilities could not provide, it was decided to let the Hamas patients be treated in the same hospitals as Israelis, where they would of course receive the same high level of care as all the other patients.

Dozens of wounded Hamas members have already received such care, in several cases life-saving, in Israeli hospitals. It’s a story that has not appeared on the BBC, CNN, NPR, or in the pages of The Guardian, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. After all, it shows Israel in a good light, and for many in the international media, that would never do.

Israeli doctors saving the lives of Hamas terrorists leads us to ask, yet again: Genocide? What genocide?

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