Two Arab terrorists stabbed a police officer in his arm at the Shalshelet Gate of the Temple Mount on Thursday. Other officers at the site responded shooting one of the terrorists dead.

On Thursday, two Arab teenagers rushed a group of police officers brandishing knives and managing to stab one of them in the arm injuring him moderately. Other officers at the scene responded opening fire and killing at least one of the terrorists while injuring the other.

The status of the terrorist who is still alive is still unclear. At least three police officers drew their guns and opened fire.

This terror attack comes on the heels of major protests on the Temple Mount on Sunday. When that happened, the Waqf ordered mosques in East Jerusalem to close their doors and flood the Temple Mount.

Thousands of Muslims rushed the Temple Mount in an effort to prevent Jewish pilgrims from entering the site. Sunday was also the Jewish holiday of the 9th of Av whereby Jews commemorate the destruction of both the first and second Temples.

Sunday was also the Muslim holiday of Eid Al Ahda (ffestival of the sacrifice).

Although the police finally allowed Jews to ascend the mount following reports that they wouldn’t, a record 1,729 Jews toured the site.

However Jews were not permitted to enter the mount from Monday to Wednesday.

On Tuesday it was rumored that freshmen congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib (both Democrats) would visit the Temple Mount with Palestinian Authority officials before Israel barred their entrance into the country.


Source: Israel in the News