Watch: Israel365 staffer recalls narrowly escaping death from violent Arab mob

Israel365 News contributor and resident of the Mount of Olives, Josh Wander recalled his harrowing escape from imminent death by an Arab mob while driving home in his neighborhood.

“I was just attacked by 30 rioters driving back home” he said.

“They blocked the road with a turned over garbage container. When I swerved around it, an Arab car drove right into the front of my car to stop me…at that point I was surrounded by 30 rioters pelting my car with stones from every direction. Thank God my car has armored windows or I’d be dead right now…I did some evasive driving and almost ran over 3 of the rioters…escaping to safety. My car has seen better days.”

But it didn’t end with him. Wander added: “Another neighbor was just attacked in the same area…they are now attacking a Jewish house in Ir David…the situation is quickly spiraling out of control.”

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