WATCH: Crowd-Funding Raises 1.3 Million NIS in 24 Hours For Wounded IDF Soldier

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In a massive outpouring of love and support, a crowd-funding project for a wounded IDF soldier was more successful than the recipients could have ever dreamed. In less than 24-hours, almost 1.3 million NIS was collected over the weekend to make Yehuda Yitzchak HaYisraeli’s home fully handicapped accessible, setting a new record for the crowd-funding site, Headstart.

HaYisraeli, an officer in the Givati Commando unit, was injured in the Gaza War in 2014. Shrapnel hit him in the head and entered his skull.  He lay in a coma for over two years. In that time, his second child, a son, was born and a brit milah (circumcision) ceremony was held by the bedside of the unconscious father. Miraculously, after eight difficult operations, Yehuda regained consciousness a few months ago. He underwent months of physical therapy and was ready to come home.

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Soldiers who have war related disabilities are entitled to money from the Ministry of Defense to renovate their homes in order to make them suitable for their special needs, but HaYisraeli lives in Ofra, which is undergoing a building freeze since it is in the Shomron. Building and renovations are against the law in Ofra during this freeze, even a project for a wounded soldier. The government will not release the funds for the project in this case.

The organization, Yisrael Sheli (My Israel), decided to turn to the public for the funds, setting their goal at 600,000 NIS, half the amount needed. They realized that it was an intimidating amount, yet within a few hours of setting up the request, the goal was met. They decided to try to raise the full sum and in a heartwarming show of love, they reached 104% of their goal in 18 hours.

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