Watch: Arab rips mezuzahs off Israeli doorposts, drops them in elevator shaft

Residents of an apartment building on Rashbi Road in Modi’in Illit noticed that the mezuzahs at the entrance to their elevators were torn off recently.

After checking the building’s security cameras, the residents were shocked to discover that an Arab employee of a moving company that was working in the building had ripped them off and thrown them into the elevator shaft.

During the past week, tenants of the building noticed that the mezuzahs that were once at the entrance to the building’s elevators were gone and did not understand why.

The residents tried to look for the mezuzahs but were unsuccessful. They could not be found anywhere.

Upon inspecting the building’s security cameras, they were horrified to witness the Arab-Muslim worker tearing off the mezuzahs and dropping them inside the elevator shaft.

Residents contacted the moving company, where the perpetrator was employed on Wednesday. The company responded saying that they have terminated his employment following the incident.

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