Visionary Mourns His Heroic Grandson and Rebukes Israel’s Leadership

Visionary Mourns His Heroic Grandson and Rebukes Israel’s Leadership

“And I will betroth you to me in blood,” cried former Knesset member Moshe Feiglin in a eulogy for his grandson Yair Levin, 19, who was killed in action last week in Gaza.

During his eulogy, Feiglin refrained from talking about leadership failures and political issues, speaking only of his grandson. “Yair was special. A tall, handsome young man, cheerful, a musician, perceptive, a boy with endless physical and spiritual strength who aspired to be first in any action related to the defense of the people of Israel.”

But after the funeral, in an interview with Israeli newspaper Olam Katan, Feiglin spoke openly and painfully about the gap between the heroism of Israel’s soldiers and the weakness of its political leadership. “The State of Israel has no leadership that knows how to translate the self-sacrifice of this heroic young generation into national victory. And here lies the great pain. We are in the most terrible war of attrition that the State of Israel has ever seen.”

Feiglin, the Chairman of Israel’s Zehut (Identity) Party, is the former Deputy Speaker of the Israeli Knesset and a longtime opponent of the “two-state solution.”

On October 8th, the day after Hamas’ brutal slaughter of 1,200 Israeli civilians, Feiglin passionately argued on television that Gaza should burn in a storm of fire. “I warned that this was going to be an upgraded round [of fighting]. If we do not conquer Gaza completely and do not expel the Gazans and do not rebuild Gush Katif [the Israeli towns in Gaza destroyed in 2005] and much more, there will be no victory, and if there is no victory, there will be defeat, and defeat will unfortunately lead to more attacks. If you do not intend to conquer Gaza and win, get out of Gaza and go home.”

Feiglin sees no difference between Netanyahu and the leftwing opposition leaders, Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid. “When Netanyahu was asked if he intended to conquer Gaza, he answered no, and Gantz also said he is not interested in dealing with Gaza’s sewage, so what’s the difference between them?”

“The people of Israel,” says Feiglin, “Need Jewish leadership with a Jewish vision. Leadership that is not afraid of itself and does not hesitate to say: this is our land. Leadership that dares to dream of a Hebrew Gaza that looks exactly like Ashkelon and Ashdod, and more than that, to dream of Gush Katif, to dream of beaches, schools, and Bible study centers in Gaza, to dream of a railway from Gaza to Jerusalem, and to dream of [the third] Temple.

“Only those with a vision can win… When Hamas said they intended to destroy Israel from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean sea, we laughed, and today they are getting closer to their goal. Why? Because they had a vision, and they started following it.”

“Until we, as a believing public, establish an alternative leadership to Netanyahu and right-wing leadership in the name of our faith, in the name of our vision, in the name of what the right never knew how to present, the only alternative will be [secular left wing leaders like] Gantz and Lapid.”

Feiglin sent a powerful message to Netanyahu: “Stop playing with our sons’ blood. If you do not intend to conquer Gaza and win, get out of Gaza and go home. All of you! Army commanders, Shin Bet, and Mossad. The heads of the left who brought Oslo and the right leaders who perpetuated it. If you do not understand that Gaza is ours, if you do not conquer it, get out of it. Go, tell everyone we won. Say that all the goals were achieved. And go, go, go! All of you will be replaced by the [the next generation of Israelis, the] victory generation, who is now cleaning up with their blood after you and after your Oslo and disengagement [from Gaza].

“After we replace all of you, from the right and the left, we will establish for the victory generation a leadership that remembers that from the sea to the river, this is our land. Only our land. We will expel our enemies, liberate our land, settle its length and breadth, and win!”

Feiglin posted another strong message to Twitter:

“If you aren’t going to conquer Gaza, Get out of there!”

“I came back last night from the funeral of Yair Roitman, may God avenge his blood. Yair was buried next to his friend in life and in death – my grandson, Yair Levin, may God avenge his blood. These two light-bringing Yairs, who in their life and death were not separated, both came from the same town, and they returned to the same good and holy earth.”

“Now there’s a ‘pause’ in Gaza. The bell has rung. You don’t play when there is a ‘pause’.Now we send humanitarian aid, fuel, medicine and food to Hamas. When the Hamasniks are sated and the bell rings again, we’ll return to playing. With the lives of our soldiers.It’s not humane to make them kill Jewish soldiers on an empty stomach…”

“You set us up for an upgraded round. An upgraded round, no more. An upgraded round until absolute victory –

for Hamas…”

“You make a pretense of conquering Rafiah, to keep the government together, But you’re not ‘really’ conquering it -you say as you wink at the Americans. Sending our children to be blown up in order to paint a war for the public, And sending “humanitarian aid” to Hamas, So that we can continue to fly abroad.”

“We’ve run out of children for these bloody illusions.”

“If you have no intention of conquering Gaza and winning, Stop playing with the blood of our children. Get out of Gaza and go home.”

“All of you!”

“Commanders of the army, the Shin Bet and the Mossad, The leaders of the left who brought us Oslo and the right-wing leaders who made it permanent. The Nukhba cockroaches and their friends should have been destroyed and thrown in the trash.”

“Instead of this moral act, you have given them the status of prisoners under the protection of international law. Soon you will serve the soldier girls of the Education Corps up as whores to the Nukhba – you are already half way there – As you did in Gilboa prison.”

“You have made us all prisoners, of the prisoners. Until we are freed from them.”

“If you are not able to exterminate them like cockroaches and throw them in the trash, make whatever deal you need to and bring home all the abductees.”

“If you don’t understand that Gaza is ours, If you don’t conquer it, Get out of there. Get out, tell everyone we won…”

“Say that we’ve achieved all of our goals… And get out, get out, get out!”

“All of you will be replaced by the victory generation, which is now cleaning up with its blood after you and after Oslo and after your disengagement.”

“After we replace *all* of you – Elected officials from the right and the left – The heads of the security system, the heads of the judiciary, We will create for the victory generation a leadership that remembers,

“That from the sea to the river – This is our land.

“Our land only.”

“We will liberate our land, drive out our enemies, settle the length and breadth of it -“

“And we will win!”

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