Violent Palestinian protests sweeping America ‘will only get worse’ [WATCH]

The wave of violent pro-Palestine protests sweeping the nation is showing no signs of slowing down. Israel365 News is closely tracking upcoming rallies and has discovered over two dozen potentially violent pro-Palestinian protests in major cities throughout the United States are scheduled to take place in the next few days, through the end of May alone.

‘It will only get worse’

Samidoun, a ‘Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network’ with ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist organization, has put out a statement on their site calling on supporters of ‘Palestinians’ worldwide to “escalate their organizing and struggle to confront massacres and ethnic cleansing and support Palestinian resistance!”

That escalation appears to be manifesting itself in several violent pro-Palestinian riots throughout the United States that many in the Jewish community fear will only become even more violent. “It’s only going to get worse. These rallies will become even more violent” said Josh Wander, founder of the ‘Bring them Home’ organization who mobilizes Jews in the diaspora to move to Israel on Aliyah. Rabbi Raphael Shore, founder of the Clarion Project similarly told Israel365 News that, “Palestinians have learned from the Black Lives Matter protests that the power of violence and anarchy works. Violence has become a very effective tool in getting the media and politicians to bow to their demands and because it was effective, I think we will see more.”

Cities to watch

In New York City, Palestinian protestors attacked Jewish demonstrators as seen in the violent video below:



In the heart of Times Square, pro-Palestinian protesters lynched a pro-Israel supporter, intimidated Jewish onlookers, and pushed barricades into law enforcement.



The violence wasn’t limited to New York. In Los Angeles, a Jewish man eating at a sushi restaurant was jumped by a gang of pro-Palestinian rioters who proceeded to lynch him in front of his family. Although hospitalized, he was injured lightly and lived to tell the tale.



More unprovoked violence took place near Cleveland, Ohio last week as Palestinian protesters ganged up on a Jewish man walking by and began beating him in the street in broad daylight.



Right before that attack, the pro-Palestinian protester leaders used popular dog whistles to call for violence against Israel. One example is when they claimed that the Palestinians “have the right to defend Al Aksa.” At another point, the speaker made it clear that he was not interested in a two-state solution, demanding cities throughout Israel: “We need Haifa, Akka, Jaffa!”

A bleak future for American Jews?

But the violence we see today might get much worse in the near future. That’s because even in relatively non-violent protests, antisemitic incitement is being incubated in the sentiments of the protest leaders. This phenomenon can be seen in pro-Palestinian protests in places like Minneapolis where chants of, “with spirit, with blood, we will free Al-Aqsa.”



In that same Minneapolis rally, antisemitic conspiracy theories were being echoed by the protest leaders who claimed that the Jewish state trains Minneapolis police in racist crowd control methods and that Israel has provided them with a new, more potent tear gas that you “can’t wash out of your eyes.”

But it is not only Muslims attacking the pro-Israel rallies. At an Israel rally in Boca Raton Florida, an antisemitic group showed up in a van with the words ‘Hitler was right’ written on the vehicle and passengers mocking the Jewish community.



Also in Florida, a Palestinian protest in Wynwood, a suburb of Miami, revealed that they plan on holding rallies in both Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale – two cities that are known for their large Jewish communities.



In New York City, protesters threatened to “wreak havoc” and “World War Three!”



Also in the Big Apple, calls for an “intifada” could be heard being chanted.

In Dallas, Texas, Palestinian protesters promised “no peace on stolen land!”



In Washington DC, protestors threatened that Israel’s actions in Gaza, “are not going to pass without punishment this time.”



At a rally in Minneapolis, one protest leader described his Palestinian rallies as a “train” calling on sympathizers to get on board. These statements and sentiments could vindicate Shore and Wander’s initial assertion that future protests will only get worse…and more violent.

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