VIDEO: These Anti-Israel Protesters are Clueless!

Clueless Protesters At An Anti-Israel Rally Know Nothing About Israel or Middle East Politics

As a raging anti-Israel protest took place outside the Israeli embassy in London, this girl was interviewed about her pro-Palestinian stance, but all she managed to do was embarrass herself by demonstrating complete and utter lack of knowledge regarding the Middle East and the facts about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Shouldn’t it be obvious that protesters should know all the facts about the issue at hand?.

In this case, the girl interviewed is so ridiculously clueless about Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians, that it seems as if someone just put a placard in her hand and told her to stand with it. The same can likely be said of her friends, who look equally confused.

While it would be easy to blame these naive girls, they are simply the result of the vicious anti-Israel lies that pollute campuses and institutions all over the world.

There are so many people, like these girls, who oppose Israel without actually knowing anything about the Jewish state, the ONLY democracy in the Middle East.


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