VIDEO: The UN Blames Israel… for Saving the World!


The hypocritical U.N. is both blaming and honoring Israel. Meanwhile, Israel is busy saving lives.

The UN’s World Health Organization has just awarded Israel its highest honor – type 3 certification. Israel is literally the only country in the world that has gained that high level of recognition.

That same organization, nevertheless, also passed a resolution condemning Israel – and only Israel.

Apparently, when there’s an opportunity to practise anti-Semitism, the U.N. is happy to join Israel’s enemies and point fingers at the Jewish state. Yet when they want to benefit from Israel’s contributions to the world, they seem to have no problem taking what they want.

Watch and see how important Israel’s contributions are to the world and how the Jewish state is so underappreciated at the U.N., to say the least.

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Israeli Towns Destroyed by Fire. Can You Help?

As a result of raging wildfires that ripped throughout the Land of Israel, causing the destruction of houses, schools and entire towns, over 80,000 Israelis have been evacuated from their homes.

The stunning news that many fires were the result of arson perpetrated by Israel’s ‘enemies within’ has sent shock waves and fear throughout the land.

Do you want to provide relief to Israel’s tragic victims of deadly arson terror? You can make a donation to help victims who lost everything in these devastating fires.

Please contribute to our Emergency Fire Relief Campaign to ease the pain of families who have suffered so much.

The People of Israel need your help right now. Please show your support today!


Source: United with Israel