VIDEO: The IDF Treats Victims of Syria’s Civil War

IDF assists wounded Syrian civilians. (Screenshot)

Just beyond Israel’s border with Syria, a fierce civil war is wreaking havoc on the local population. When civilians are wounded, they come to the border for treatment in Israel.

This video begins with an Israeli soldier explaining that depictions of war on television only display the fighting. In real life, actual people are wounded. When injured civilians come to the border, Israel accepts them and gives them top medical care — the same care that any Israeli citizen would receive. They return home in the best health possible.

When Israel provides aid to civilians wounded in the Syrian civil war, it’s done with sincere, pure intentions. It is not done in order to impress other countries, or to improve our image. Although videos like this are made, with the intention of telling the world what Israel is really all about, we see that the world takes little notice of it. There are no stories on CNN, BBC, CBS or any other major network to show what is happening here. Aid is being provided because, in its essence, this is who Israel is and this is what Israel does.

Because of the reasons stated above, we urge you to SHARE this video with others. It’s up to us to let the world know what Israel is really all about. We don’t need to rely on CNN and the like to report what is happening. Every person with a Facebook, Twitter or other type of social media account is like a reporter. We all have the ability to disseminate the news, so let’s do it!

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Source: United with Israel