VIDEO: Terrorists Enjoy Re-enacting the Gruesome Details of Fogel Family Massacre

Fogel Massacre

The brutal killers of the Fogel family were taken to the scene of the horrific attack to re-enact the murders. They took great pleasure in describing every last detail.

In March 2011, Udi and Ruth Fogel were savagely murdered alongside 3 of their young children.

IDF soldiers returned to the Fogel home with the murderers, who re-enacted their brutality with sheer enjoyment, taking great pleasure in revealing all of the gruesome details.

The terrorists described with glee how they heard a baby girl crying just as they were leaving, and went back inside to slit her throat – to make sure that not one Jew was left alive.

Yet the world views Israeli soldiers as the aggressors, and Palestinian murderers as innocent victims.

This video is too powerful to miss…

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Source: United with Israel