VIDEO: Terrorists ‘Developed Drones, Missiles that Reach Beyond Riyadh’

Islamic terrorist leader

The Yemeni people have made the impossible possible, says an Islamic terrorist leader who claims his group has produced far-reaching drones and missiles.

In a speech broadcast live on Al-Alam TV on February 10, Abd Al-Malik Al-Houthi, leader of the Yemen-based “Ansar Allah” Islamic terrorist movement, said that his group has produced far-reaching drones and developed the Burkan 2 missile.

The missile, he boasted, has “a range that reaches beyond Riyadh…and even beyond that.”

Despite the hardships of the Yemeni people, he continued, they have “managed to produce such great achievements.”

By relying on Allah, they have made the impossible possible, he stated.

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Source: United with Israel