Saudi journalist Mishal Al-Sudairy

Saudi journalist Mishal Al-Sudairy criticized the Palestinian leadership for its multiple missed opportunities for peace.

Saudi journalist Mishal Al-Sudairy recounted the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict, from Mufti Hajj Amin Al-Husseini, who allied himself with Hitler in WWII, through his successor Ahmad Al-Shukeiri, who “lived his entire life in five-star hotels and fought through microphones,” to Yasser Arafat, who, in contrast to Egypt and Jordan, rejected negotiations with Israel.

“Those people missed [multiple] opportunities,” Al-Sudairy charged.

He also condemned the acts of barbarity committed by Palestinian Hamas terrorists against Palestinian Fatah members in Gaza and asked: “How can the world have any respect for the [Palestinian] cause?”


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Source: United with Israel