anti-Israel Yemen

This so-called scholar in Yemen claims the ruling family in Saudi Arabia is actually a group of “lawless Jewish highway robbers” who have “nothing to do with Arabs or Muslims.”

Yemeni scholar Ibrahim Al-Ubeidi, a member of the Iranian-backed Houthi group, recently claimed on Al-Eman TV that Saudi Arabia’s “normalization of relations with Israel” reveals “beyond doubt” that the Saud clan is actually a Jewish family.

According to Al-Ubeidi, the “Saud clan has nothing to do with Arabs or Muslims” and “was brought to the Arabian Peninsula in order to implement the plots of global Zionism, Israel, and the Jews.”

Strap on your tinfoil hat for one of the more bizarre conspiracies about Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Jews in the Middle East.

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URGENT: Help Israelis Fight Coronavirus!

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Israeli soldiers, security officers and medical care providers are in danger. At this time, Coronavirus poses a greater threat to Israel than acts of terror.

Israelis need your help. Food and medical supplies can be scarce. The country is in near total lockdown. People are in panic. Funds will be distributed where needed most. Help Israel today!


Source: United with Israel