VIDEO: Qatar Teaches Hatred of Jews, Asks Children to ‘Pray for Gaza’

Propaganda in Qatar

A popular Qatari educational software program asks children to identify parts of “Palestine” and teaches them that “Jews killed many prophets.”

This is nothing new in the Arab world where mass schizophrenia about “evil Zionists” and a multitude of conspiracy theories about Jews abound.

Anti-Semitic propaganda can be found on all levels of civil, academic, and business life in the Arab world. It’s perpetuated by mainstream political institutions, media and academia.

Anti-Israeli propaganda in the Arab world comes in the form of graphic images of dead – allegedly Palestinian – children, and destroyed homes apparently in Gaza, which Israel is supposedly responsible for. In reality, most of these pictures come from Syria or elsewhere.

Check out this seemingly harmless kids’ program that demonizes Israel, spewing toxic messages to impressionable children.

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