Trump and reporter Jake Turx

Rather than feeling humiliated or angry at being shut down publicly by Trump for raising the issue of anti-Semitism, journalist Jake Turx remains hopeful because he “understand[s] why this is so hurtful for him.”

Orthodox Jewish reporter Jake Turx gained instant media attention Thursday when US President Donald Trump shut him down at a press conference for asking how he plans to counter the rising anti-Semitism.

Mainstream media immediately attacked the president for seemingly avoiding the issue. That same media, throughout the 2016 US election campaign, has been labeling Trump an anti-Semite, which, Turx says, bothers the president “on a deep personal level.”

Turx “understand[s] why this is so hurtful for him,” and he “joins in his [Trump’s] outrage,” citing the president’s close ties with the orthodox Jewish community.

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Source: United with Israel