Canaan dog in Israel. (shutterstock)

Israel’s indigenous breed of canine, the Canaan dog, has lived in the Holy Land for thousands of years and can still be found there to this day.

According to the archaeological record, the Canaan dog has inhabited the Land of Israel dating back thousands of years, with excavations near the Israeli city of Ashkelon revealing dog skeletons from long ago that are anatomically similar to the breed in modern times.

The breed has avoided extinction and remained largely undomesticated, but has been pressed into service as guard dogs by the Bedouins, the Druze, and modern day Isralis, the latter of which sometimes keep the Canaan dog as watchdogs and pets.

In 1953, the Canaan dog was recognized by the Israel Kennel Club, and as of 2018, the breed is recognized by all the world’s kennel clubs.

Take a peek at Israel’s indigenous breed of dogs — loyal, vigilant and devoted!

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Man’s best friend

WATCH: Man’s best friend got his big start in Israel! The Canaan dog has been around for 1000s of years and still wags his tail in the holy land today! Happy International dog day! If you support Israel, don’t be silent. Show the Israeli people you are behind them at

Posted by The Israel Project on Sunday, August 26, 2018

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