VIDEO: Jonathan Pollard Kisses the Ground as He Arrives in Israel
Jonathan Pollard

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed Jonathan and Esther Pollard upon their arrival in Israel, reciting the Shehechiyanu blessing together.

Thirty-five years after his arrest for spying for Israel, Jonathan Pollard arrived in the Holy Land on Wednesday morning, where he and his wife Esther kissed the ground before exchanging greetings with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Israeli leader and the Pollards then recited the Shehechiyanu blessing, giving thanks to God for surviving to see this day.

“Now you are at home,” said Netanyahu, to which Pollard responded, “We are ecstatic to be home at last after 35 years and we thank the people and the Prime Minister of Israel for bringing us home. No one could be prouder of this country or this leader than we are.”

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