An Israeli motorist attacked by a mob of at least 20 Arabs opened fire, killing one and injuring at least two others. A video of the attack shows a Palestinian Red Crescent Ambulance aiding the attackers, preventing the Israeli from escaping the attack.

Approximately 200 Arabs were protesting violently for the third consecutive day in the village of Huwara, which straddles Route 60, a main road in Samaria near Nablus (Shechem).  Two Jews were passing through the village in their car when they were attacked by Arabs throwing rocks. Approximately 20 Arabs surrounded the vehicle and attacked it from close proximity, smashing the front and rear windshield and severely damaging the car. A video shows a Red Crescent Ambulance cutting off the car, pinning it in place while the mob pelted it with rocks.

The same video shows IDF soldiers employing non-lethal crowd dispersal means next to the vehicle. One of the Jews exited the vehicle and was reported to have fired warning shots in the air before shooting one of the attackers. He also shot and wounded an Associated Press journalist identified as Majdi Mohammed, who was in the crowd of attackers.

A Samaria Regional Council spokeswoman told the media that the victim of the lynch attempt is a father of eight, a social worker, and a resident of the Itamar settlement. He was on his way home from shopping when the incident occurred, she added.

News of Biblical proportions happening in Israel!

Local sources report that the Israeli man has been taken to the police station to make a statement, though he has not been charged. There are reports that he is filing charges of attempted murder against his attackers.

Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian Authority official, told The Jerusalem Post that the Palestinian was “killed in cold blood”.

“What happened is a crime.” He claimed, “It was a peaceful protest in the middle of Hawara.”

International Red Cross conventions forbid the use of ambulances in transporting weapons or armed combatants, stating they are, “exclusively assigned to the purpose of giving free treatment to the wounded or sick”.

A similar incident occurred on Wednesday, when a Jewish motorist was attacked by a group of 20 stone-throwing Arabs. The motorist exited his car, shooting and moderately injuring one of the attackers.

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