we are the world

Three Israeli activists on behalf of the deaf community led representatives of 48 countries in a unique version of “We Are the World,” bringing an important message.

Shani Bibi, a well-known Israeli advocate for the deaf community, and two fellow activists asked 48 representatives of 48 countries to translate the charity song “We Are the World,” originally recorded by the supergroup USA for Africa in 1985,  into 48 different sign languages.

They thank those who are in the front line in the battle against the COVID19 and invite everyone to joint their #amomentofsilence challenge and donate to people who need help during these challenging times.

Watch and enjoy this gorgeous and moving rendition!

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From all of us thank you those who are in the front line in the battle against the COVID19. We invite you to join our community as a part of the #amomentofsilence challenge and donate to families/people who need your help now. 🤟🏻Hodaya Tal Almkiass Gal Almkiass Shani Bibi Sharon Bibi Shiran Naor Oren Naor Guy Goldrat 🇮🇱Man Xu🇨🇳Carol Raia🇧🇷 Petra Lee🇭🇷Petro Mendryshora🇺🇦Jan Jakub Matěj Emmer🇨🇿Artur Ochotres🇷🇺Igor Djenge🇺🇸Carina Yakublevich🇧🇾Alina Vitko🇪🇪Sabína Dvulitová🇸🇰Joffrey Tavares🇫🇷Ricardo Ricky Lachika🇸🇬João Bernardo🇵🇹Alena Baumann🇨🇭Romina Espinoza🇨🇱Eliran Ben Harush🇮🇱Luis Diego Chan🇨🇷James Stavros🇬🇧Glady Yaro🇩🇪Julián Toty Escobar🇦🇷Zeinab Sadeghi Kaji🇮🇷Miriam De La Cruz🇺🇸Damian Spillner🇺🇸Shayna Crowell🇺🇸Marcos Pérez🇪🇸Anastasia Dhimitri🇦🇱Panos Paraschou🇬🇷Lukas Gužauskas🇱🇹Tobias de Ronde🇳🇱Nicola Della Maggiora🇮🇹Rina M Toprlak🇽🇰Konrad Kozłowski🇵🇱Jade Osbeck🇸🇪Hetrovicz Máté🇭🇺JP Beldon🇨🇦Eri Nasu🇯🇵 Jaron C. Garitte 🇧🇪 Katrin Nirtak🇦🇹Mert Tansuğ🇹🇷Maria Alejandra Aristizabal🇨🇴Phumelela Purrah🇿🇦QiuShi Liu🇨🇳萍王‏🇹🇼

Posted by Moriya Almkiass on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

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Source: United with Israel