The matzoh that Jews eat on Passover carries a profound message. It’s the taste of freedom!

On Passover, Jews around the world celebrate their freedom, recalling the exodus from Egypt some 3500 years ago.

The most famous symbol of the holiday is matzoh, or unleavened bread, to remind us of our Jewish ancestors who baked bread and had no time to let it rise before fleeing their Egyptian oppressors.

Another name for Passover is the Festival of Freedom.

Celebration of liberty is something that anyone, Jew or non-Jew, would appreciate.

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Send Passover Food Packages to Israeli Soldiers

We are honored to thank the young men and women of the IDF who risk their lives to protect the citizens of Israel. Join us in sending Passover food packages (and personal notes) to Israeli soldiers and their families.

Bring Passover joy and blessing to the heroes of Israel who defend our freedom every day!
Many soldiers spend the Passover holiday with needy families back home. The soldiers greatly appreciate your love and concern.

Click Here to Send Your Care Package and Personal Note to Israeli Soldiers

Source: United with Israel