VIDEO: How the Media Misrepresents the ‘Suffering’ of Palestinians

Israel Apartheid State

An Israeli visited one of the few towns under Palestinian control accessible to Jews. There, he found restaurants full of patrons and luxury cars in the parking lots. This is not exactly the suffering you see in the news…

He talked to locals and took in the sites and sounds of a place that looks like a town straight out of urban America.

Palestinians have it good compared to many other Arabs in the Middle East. While Palestinian children eat well and enjoy the latest technological gadgets, kids in Syria are starving to death.

Anti-Israel advocates are hypocrites because while they protest against Israel, they are silent when it comes to real human rights abusers like Syria, China, North Korea, Iran or Saudi Arabia.

Don’t miss an Israeli Jew hanging out with Palestinian kids and tell the world Israel is anything but an “Apartheid state.”

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