Water tech

With nearly 70 years of experience making the desert bloom, Israel remains at the forefront of cutting-edge water technology used the world over.

Israeli water technology has revolutionized desalination, recycling, and irrigation practices throughout the world. Indeed, Israeli-pioneered techniques are used in locales from India to the United States, helping farmers produce greater yields and improving water security.

With drought and shortages posing ever greater threats to the global population, Israeli technology is now being imported to impoverished countries in Africa and Asia, ensuring clean drinking water and improving hygiene and sanitation.

See how Israel continues to change the way we use and and conserve water in this fascinating video about H20 in the Holy Land!

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Israel – A Global Water Powerhouse

#WorldWaterDayIsrael, which is 60% desert, used to face serious water shortages. Now, Israel is a global water powerhouse. What's the secret behind this dramatic transformation? Watch:Video CP: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Posted by StandWithUs on Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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Source: United with Israel