Iranian leader Ali Khamenei’s own nephew slammed the Islamic Republic as “the reason for the presence of extremists in the region and worldwide.”

They say blood is thicker than water, but that apparently doesn’t hold true in the case of brutal Islamic theocrats and the world’s top state sponsor of terror.

Dr. Mahmoud Moradkhani, a France-based Iranian activist who opposes the Iranian regime, is Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s nephew. And he’s no fan of the Ayatollah.

In September 8, Moradkhani told an Arab TV host that Iranian leaders are responsible for extremists in the Middle East and across the globe. Moradkhani also said that the Islamic regime “constitutes absolute tyranny and a monopoly on both civil and religious rule,” that “contradicts all the principles of democracy and modern civil and civilized rule.”

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Source: United with Israel