VIDEO: Arabs Celebrate Treacherous Wildfires in Israel

Palestinian Arabs celebrate fires

Many Arabs are celebrating the damaging, treacherous wildfires spreading across Israel, most notably in Haifa, the Jerusalem region, Judea and Samaria.

Several Arabs have been arrested for igniting fires, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu referred to as terrorism. Social media is awash with expressions of joy by Arabs in diverse locations over the fires and with wishes for the State of Israel to burn.

In this video, Palestinian Arabs are dancing and chanting, “They tried to ban the muezzin’s call to prayer, Allah rained fire on them.”

The muezzin – Muslim call to prayer – emanates from mosques five times a day, including 4 a.m., via loudspeakers.

Recently, Israel’s Ministerial Committee for Legislation approved the “Muezzin Law,” proposed by lawmaker Motti Yogev, in order to limit the noise of the muezzin.

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“We do not intend to violate freedom of religion, but rather to prevent harm to citizens whose sleep is affected by the muezzin’s call,” Yogev explained.

“I cannot count the times — they are simply too numerous — that citizens have turned to me from all parts of Israeli society, from all religions, with complaints about the noise and suffering caused by the excessive noise,” Netanyahu told a cabinet meeting.

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Source: United with Israel