Ayelet Mintz

“It felt like a rescue mission,” Ayelet Mintz said of her El Al flight to Tel Aviv, describing how “super-excited” she is to have arrived “home.”

Plant-based nutritionist has been planning her Aliyah – immigration to Israel – since the age of 16. When the coronavirus began to spread, she decided to get “home” as quickly as possible, fearing the doors to the country could shut.

“I’m here because I’m indigenous to this land,” she tells Arutz 7, speaking from quarantine in a Tel Aviv hotel.

Mintz is one of 18 North Americans who arrived on Aliyah this week through Nefesh b’Nefesh. Watch and hear her fascinating story!

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URGENT: Help Israelis Fight Coronavirus!

Donate to the Israel Coronavirus Relief Fund. The deadly virus is surging in Israel. While all Israelis are affected, the poor, elderly and seriously ill are highly at risk.

Israeli soldiers, security officers and medical care providers are in danger. At this time, Coronavirus poses a greater threat to Israel than acts of terror.

Israelis need your help. Food and medical supplies can be scarce. The country is in near total lockdown. People are in panic. Funds will be distributed where needed most. Help Israel today!


Source: United with Israel