Vast Majority of African Americans Supports Jewish State

Black Zionist Leader: Vast Majority of African Americans Support Jewish State

The vast majority of the African-American community is united with Israel, a black Zionist leader says. 

By: Rachel Frommer, The Algemeiner

The vast majority of the African American community supports the Jewish state, despite the anti-Israel movement’s best efforts, a black Christian Zionist leader stated.

Dumisani Washington — senior pastor for California’s Congregation of Zion, founder of the Institute of Black Solidarity with Israel and diversity outreach coordinator with Christians United for Israel (CUFI) — was responding to endeavors such as Black History Month in February, during which anti-Israel Palestinian activism was highlighted at college campuses throughout the country.

“Only the intellectually lazy buy into intersectionality,” he told The Algemeiner on Friday, referring to the concept of placing under the same ideological umbrella all racial, class or gender groups self-described as discriminated against — among these blacks and Palestinians.

“Most members of the Black community attend church, where they are taught a biblical worldview of Israel, of the Jewish people as God’s chosen,” Washington explained. “When many blacks hear, for example, that Black Lives Matter has brought an anti-Israel position into their movement, they are pissed off or confused. They don’t get what one has to do with the other.”

Washington said that pro-Israel students should remember that “no community — black, Hispanic or Jewish — is monolothic, and the hard-left academic world involved in ‘black-Palestinian solidarity’ are not representative of the majority of the African-American population. The anti-Israel view is not true. It’s crap, and smart people don’t want crap.”

‘The Tide is Turning’

According to David Brog, executive director of the Maccabee Task Force — a group formed in 2015 to combat demonization of Israel on campus — “A false narrative of shared oppression has been tailored over years by the anti-Israel movement to appeal to minority communities. At some universities, the BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) issue has become so racialized that African-American students are its primary promotors,” he said. “But, though the anti-Israel bullies might have been winning for the last few years, the tide is turning.”

Brog said, “Now, Jewish students have to put in the time in building their own relationships with minority groups. You have to invest and communicate with these communities and teach them truth about Israel. You have to demonstrate that being a Zionist includes concern about human rights or race relations. You have to show them that supporting Israel is not about changing their entire worldview.”

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Source: United with Israel