Vandals desecrate Yoni Netanyahu’s grave on Mount Herzl

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s brothers’ grave in the Mount Herzl Military Cemetery in Jerusalem was recently desecrated, Israeli media reported on Tuesday.

Yonatan “Yoni” Netanyahu was killed in action in 1976 at the age of 30 during “Operation Entebbe,” an Israel Defense Forces mission to rescue hostages in Uganda.

“No one knows yet, not even the Netanyahu family, but two weeks ago Yoni’s grave was desecrated—an Israeli hero who fell for the sanctification of Hashem in Entebbe,” Eli Ben-Shem, chairman of Yad LaBanim, an organization that supports the families of fallen soldiers, told Channel 12.

Ben-Shem lamented the domestic divisions in the country over the coalition’s push for judicial reform, and said that the organization daily receives requests from bereaved families that politicians not attend this year’s Memorial Day ceremonies at military cemeteries.

Israel honors its fallen soldiers and civilian victims of terrorism beginning the evening of April 24 and continuing the next day.

“I worry about the honor of the fallen [soldiers], and I have a fear that the fallen will be disrespected, that people will stand on their graves and curse and shout at each other on Memorial Day,” said Ben-Shem.

“The State of Israel made a ceasefire with Hamas, can’t we make a ceasefire between us on this day?” he added.

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