United with Israel’s Passover Partners project was a win-win opportunity, providing IDF soldiers with wonderful holiday packages while giving lovers of Israel a chance to express appreciation in a meaningful way.

By: United with Israel Staff

This year’s United with Israel (UWI) Passover Partners project was another great success, offering people around the world an opportunity to express their gratitude to the thousands of IDF soldiers by sending them gifts for the holiday as well as emotional support.

Michael Gerbitz Passover Partners project

UWI director Michael Gerbitz helps organize Passover packages for IDF soldiers. (UWI)

Working with the Standing Together organization, UWI distributed more than 1100 Passover packages, including staples such as matzah, wine, grape juice, coffee, cake, chocolate, fruit and other essentials.

The soldiers are based throughout the country, from north to south.

Many young soldiers are fortunate to spend the holiday with their families, although many among them are in need of financial assistance. The IDF therefore assigns a social worker to each army unit to determine the needs of each family.

Furthermore, the distribution of the packages is done in a way that respects the privacy of each family, thus allowing them to maintain their dignity.

The soldiers truly appreciated the material support, but they were equally thankful for the love and support from people around the world who wrote notes expressing their deep gratitude to these brave defenders of the State of Israel.

Boosting the IDF’s Morale!

Several soldiers told UWI how moved they were and what a difference it made knowing that others truly care about their well-being as well as their mission to protect the Jewish state.

One fan wrote: “Dear soldiers of the IDF Sending you thoughts of respect, love, and gratitude for all you do to protect Israel and the Jewish people. Chag Sameach!  – Gayle, United States”

Another said: “May G-d guard you and guide you. xxxxx – Susan, United Kingdom”

Other samples included: “It’s an honor and privilege to send a present to people like you! – Flor, Peru” and “I think about you often and pray for your safety. – Elizabeth, GB”

Israelis Celebrate Passover, Thanks to the IDF

Passover partners project

This year in particular, on Passover eve, the IDF protected Israeli civilians when 30,000 Palestinians participated in a violent Hamas march against Israel at the border with Gaza. Yet throughout the country, Jews enjoyed their Passover seder knowing they were secure, thanks to these brave soldiers.

With the unprecedented rise in anti-Israel sentiment and demonization of Israel and the IDF – as seen by the reaction of the United Nations and the European Union, who demanded an inquiry into the IDF’s response to the march, as well as reports on mainstream media condemning the Jewish state for killing “protesters” – it is so meaningful to have true friends of Israel around the world like you. Your support is greatly appreciated!

To those who participated in this important project, the soldiers say ‘THANK YOU’ from the bottom of their hearts.

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Source: United with Israel