Rabbi Tuly Weisz, publisher of Breaking Israel News issued an urgent call for prayer in light of the massive missile barrage fired onto Israel. “I urge all Jews and Christians to recite Psalm 121 which begs the “guardian of Israel who never slumbers nor sleeps” to protect Israel from the vicious Hamas rocket attacks,” said Weisz.

1  I turn my eyes to the mountains
2  My help comes from Hashem, maker of heaven and earth.
3  He will not let your foot give way; your guardian will not slumber;
4  See, the guardian of Yisrael neither slumbers nor sleeps!
5  Hashem is your guardian, Hashem is your protection at your right hand.
6  By day the sun will not strike you, nor the moon by night.
7  Hashem will guard you from all harm; He will guard your life.
8  Hashem will guard your going and coming now and forever.

Psalm 121, The Israel Bible

“While we ask God to protect all the People of Israel, we are especially concerned about the well being of the brave men and women of the Israeli Defense Forces,” continued Weisz. “As the security situation in Israel threatens to deteriorate further, I call on all our Christian Zionist friends around the world to fervently pray for the safety of all our IDF soldiers and for the peace of Jerusalem.”

To pray Psalm 121 and hear it recited in Hebrew click here.

Source: Israel in the News