Unveiling ‘The Truth of Israel’: Actor’s Visit to the Holy Land

Unveiling ‘The Truth of Israel’: Actor’s Visit to the Holy Land
Nathaniel Buzolic

A prominent actor from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ has arrived in Israel amid the conflict with Hamas, aiming to provide his fans with the truth about Israel and the ongoing war.

By Susan Tawil

Australian actor Nathaniel Buzolic, a born-again Christian, traveled to Israel this past Friday to show his support for the biblical Jewish state.

“Nate Buzz,” as his fans call him, is the popular star of the Vampire Diaries TV series. He said he felt duty-bound by his religious convictions to share “the truth of Israel” with his 3.3 million social media followers.

Buzolic circulated graphic, disturbing videos of the barbaric Hamas slaughter of Israelis carried out October 7. The surprise attack resulted in the savage murder of 1,400 Israeli civilians and the ruthless torture and kidnapping of over 230 Jews, from infants to the elderly.

“It’s very easy for people to get on social media to post misinformation,” he wrote on Instagram.

“These videos are very disturbing; I’m sorry…(for the) violent content, but…the next time someone says they support the Palestinian movement, remember these videos…”

Although Buzolic’s posts received thousands of “shares,” they also generated so much hate that his account was shut down for several days. Hamas supporters tried to silence him, he felt, because “what I say destroys their lies.”

The videos “show the true face of the Palestinian movement,” the actor wrote.

“What is happening now in Israel is unprecedented,” his post continued. “Old women…shot and killed by Palestinians…women and children…kidnapped and dragged to Gaza, (sleeping) children…shot in their beds…there are hundreds missing and thousands injured and many were taken as hostages (to) serve as human shields for the Palestinians in Gaza.”

Within hours of landing in Israel, Buzolic, in Tel Aviv, experienced two barrages of missile attacks from Gaza, with one rocket hitting an apartment building and causing four civilian injuries.

He posted a photo of himself in front of the bombed apartment. “The world needs to know the truth and the real struggle that Israelis have…to endure. Hamas runs out of water but doesn’t run out of rockets. Let that sink in,” he wrote.

In an interview by ILTV Israel News this past April, Nate Buzz explained his connection to the Jewish State. He said that he grew up among many Muslims who were very anti-Israel, and realized it was “a lot of lies.”

In 2018, he began bringing groups of Christians to Israel to “expose them to the Land.” “There is no middle ground where we (Christians) should stand (regarding Israel), especial regarding the battle on social media,” he said. “The (Palestinians) celebrate and glorify a culture of death,” he said. “We need to stand with Israel; we need to support God’s Covenant People.”

When Buzolic started voicing his support of Israel on social media, he began losing 100,000 followers a week. His colleagues thought he was crazy, but he persisted in his friendship with the Jewish homeland. “I know that Israel is the apple of God’s eye,” he says.

He was gratified that so many Israelis thanked him. “It made me realize that they have so few friends. It breaks my heart…”

To Nate Buzz, it is clearly God who “brought this nation back into their land…The more you read the Bible, the more you understand (that God) keeps His promises.”

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