In an act that too poignant to be coincidental, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) passed a resolution at a meeting in Paris denying Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem on its 69th Day of Independence. Two well-known rabbis believe the despicable act, predicted 900 years ago, essentially represents the United Nations’ attempts to usurp God’s role in the creation of the world and of Israel.

Nearly a millennium ago, the renowned medieval Torah scholar known as Rashi predicted that one day the nations of the world would come and say that the Jews are thieves for living in the land of Israel.

“That,” said Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf, a prominent Jewish educator and bestselling author who noted the connection to Breaking Israel News, “is exactly what happened in Paris yesterday.”

In the Torah commentary, he explained, “Rashi is teaching us that the same power that created the world, created the Land of Israel specifically for the Jews. Denying that the land of Israel belongs to Israel is tantamount to denying that the world exists at all. It is as if you are saying there is no sun, and the moon is just an enormous light bulb in the sky.”

Rabbi Yosef Dayan, a noted public figure and former member of the nascent Sanhedrin, agreed that the UN was essentially attempting to take over God’s role in the world by seizing the power to create or uncreate Israel.

“The UN wants to take back Israel because they think they are the ones who gave it to us,” he said, citing the United Nations Partition Plan in 1948, which parcelled out the region under the British Mandate and granted the Jews autonomy in Israel.

The fundamental problem is that the Jewish people allowed an outside power to impose sovereignty, he explained to Breaking Israel News.

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“Israel has to come from the most inner desire of Israel, and from nowhere else … These are all secular decisions that, in effect, are an attempt to eclipse the Will of God and erase his eternal brit (covenant) with Israel.

“If the Jews had autonomously decided to declare a nation in 1948, without depending on the UN vote, that return from exile would have been accompanied by miracles,” said Rabbi Dayan, who claims direct descent through male lineage to the Davidic Dynasty.

The rabbi cited a section of the Talmud (Brachot 4,a) which states that every time Israel returns from exile, it is accompanied by a miracle. This was the case when the Jews returned from Egypt and the Jordan River miraculously split.

And the Kohanim that bore the ark of the covenant of Hashem stood firm on dry ground in the midst of the Jordan, while all Israel passed over on dry ground, until all the nation were passed clean over the Jordan. Joshua 3:17

“There was no miracle when the Jews returned from the Babylonian exile because they sinned,” Rabbi Dayan told Breaking Israel News. “Their sin was that they only came back to Israel at the behest of King Cyrus. By not relying on God, by relying on the world which is ruled by the laws of nature, the Jews cancelled out the miracle.”

The sin was repeated in 1948, he believes. “The Israeli government does not act as if it has independence in our land because they do not recognize the real source of our right to the land: God’s covenant with Abraham.

“They think the UN gave us the land, so now the UN thinks they have the right to take it back.”

The UNESCO resolution declared the law passed by the Knesset in 1980 establishing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as “null and void.” The resolution also demanded that Israel open its borders to Gaza. After ignoring the Bible and history, it is only natural the UN feels it can supercede laws passed by the sovereign State of Israel.

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