Krembo Wings

A great achievement for Israel and the United Nations – the Krembo Wings Youth Movement has been appointed as Special Advisor!

By: United with Israel Staff

The United Nations (UN) recently honored Israel’s Krembo Wings, a youth movement that helps children with and without disabilities to form lasting bonds with one another, by designating the group as a “Special Advisor” organization, recognizing the youth movement as a world leader pioneering the integration of disabled children with those who do not face health challenges.

The status of the Special Advisor to the UN’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) gives the movement special recognition for its work in Israel and around the world.

ECOSOC is the United Nations’ central platform promoting sustainable development.

Krembo Wings, established 16 years ago, has developed an innovative and unique inclusive model that integrates children with severe disabilities with able-bodied youth from ages 7 to 22.

The movement operates 65 branches throughout Israel, from Eilat in the south to Kiryat Shmona in the north, and welcomes more than 6,000 active members each week.

A Safe and Judgment-Free Environment for Youth

Krembo Wings operates branches in all segments of Israeli society, including with the Druze, Muslim, Christian and Bedouin communities, where acceptance and inclusion of all abilities is the guiding principle.

Krembo Wings described itself as a safe and judgment-free environment for youth.

Nir Brunstein, Krembo Wings’ Chairman of the Board, commented, “I am proud of the management team and professional staff of the movement and especially proud of the thousands of children and youth whose important work has won respected international recognition.”

He expressed concern for the 3,000 children and youth with special needs, and their families who are still waiting for the opening of new Krembo Wings branches “so they too can join the activities.” He vowed “to do everything to speed up the process despite the many obstacles and economic challenges we face.”

Talia Bejerano, Krembo Wings’ CEO, added that “the unique international status that the movement has received from the UN will enable Krembo Wings to raise awareness of the rights of young people with disabilities in Israel and around the world to a fulfilling social life.”

Bejerano hopes the recognition will enable the unique youth movement to expand and spread “Krembo Wings’ unique concept of integration as well as our vision: ‘Together creating a meaningful place for everyone.’”

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Source: United with Israel