Two Soldiers Injured in Fourth Terror Attack of the Day

(Photo: Gershon Elison/ Flash90)

In Sunday’s fourth terror incident, two IDF soldiers were wounded by a stabbing attack carried out by two terrorists in Hawara in the Nablus area. Both terrorists were shot and killed at the scene.

The two soldiers were standing guard at a gas station near the Hawara checkpoint when they were attacked by the terrorists. One of the soldiers was injured by stab wounds, while the other was hit by the ricochet of a friendly fire bullet as soldiers took down the attackers.

One of the wounded soldiers is in moderate condition and the second in light condition. They were both taken to the Beilinson Medical Center in Petah Tikva for treatment.

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Earlier in the day, another IDF soldier was stabbed and moderately wounded by an Israeli Arab terrorist in Jerusalem near the Central Bus Station. The soldier pushed the terrorist to the ground after being stabbed, and a security guard held him until police arrived.

A few hours later, a stabbing attack was averted in the Old City when police officers stopped a man acting suspiciously and he pulled out a knife and attempted to attack them. The man was arrested and taken for questioning.

In another incident at the village of Ma’aleh Shomron in Samaria, security forces arrested a Palestinian woman who tried to stab a security guard at the gate to the village by throwing a knife at him. No injuries were reported.

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