Two Israeli Children Who Fell from Windows Saved by Sukkahs

Sukkah at Sunset in Israel

Fortunately, two children who fell from windows in recent days landed in a sukkah and, therefore, were not badly hurt.

In the centrally located city of Elad, in two separate incidents, two children fell from windows in their houses and were saved by the sukkahs (Tabernacles – ritual booths) that their neighbors had built in the apartment below.

The first incident occurred on Sunday afternoon. United Hatzalah EMTs and paramedics responded to a three-year-old who fell out of his family’s first-story window. The child landed on the sukkah of the neighbors below who live in the basement. The child’s fall was stopped by the roof (s’chach – branches and matting) of the sukkah.

The second incident occurred on Tuesday morning just after 11:30 am. An almost-two-year-old child fell out of a window of his family’s second-story apartment and also landed on the roof of the sukkah below. The fall was slowed dwon by the roof before the baby finally landing on a padded couch that had been set up inside the sukkah.

United Hatzalah paramedic,Sivan Mashiach, who treated both children, said, “Thankfully, both children survived the incidents and sustained only minor wounds. Had their falls not been slowed by the roofs of the sukkahs, their situations would have been much worse. We would  like to remind all parents to pay close attention to the safety of your children when at home, as the majority of accidents occur in or around the house.”

Courtesy: United Hatzalah


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Source: United with Israel