A new report shows that Jews face a high volume of appalling anti-Semitic attacks on Twitter, while the company does little to combat the revolting phenomenon. 

A new report on anti-Semitism in the United Kingdom found that Twitter fails to properly handle abusive tweets from its users, especially anti-Semitic abuse, British daily the Independent reported.

The British Home Affairs Select Committee said it is “disgraceful” that Jewish Twitter users are continually dealing with “appalling” levels of anti-Semitic abuse online.

The report also said it was “shocked” at the “viscerally anti-Semitic nature and volume” of tweets aimed at Jewish members of Parliament.

For example, one Jewish member of the Labour party, Luciana Berger, received 2,500 abusive messages over three days in 2014.

“It is disgraceful that any individual should have to tolerate such appalling levels of anti-Semitic abuse in order to use Twitter – a social media platform now regarded as a requirement for any public figure,” the report said.

“In the context of [its] global revenue of $2.2 billion, it is deplorable that Twitter continues to act as an inert host for vast swathes of anti-Semitic hate speech and abuse.”

A representative for Twitter, which relies on users to report abuse, said “hateful conduct has no place on Twitter, and we will continue to tackle this issue head-on alongside our partners in industry and civil society. People must feel safe in order to speak freely, and there is a clear distinction between freedom of expression and conduct that incites violence and hate.”


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Source: United with Israel