Following widespread rumors of Turkish president Rediep Tayyip Erdogan dying circulated social media, many are convinced that the Turkish premier is dead. This is compounded by the fact that Erdogan has not made any public appearances since the rumor began on Monday.

This also begs the question: If Erdogan isn’t dead, where is he? According to one source, he’s “resting”.

Balamir Göktuğ, a writer for the Turkish newspaper Günboyu, said on Tuesday that he inquired his sources at the Presidential Palace regarding Erdoğan’s whereabouts. He also asked if he was on vacation. However, he did not receive a clear response. The journalist added that Erdoğan postponed a meeting with bankers this week.

Abdülkadir Selvi, a writer with the Hürriyet newspaper is known for having a close relationship with Erdoğan. He said on Wednesday that the Turkish president was “resting”. He did add however that Erdogan would commence a meeting with heads of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) on Friday.

Selvi noted that the meeting was “critical”. That’s because the Turkish president was insinuating a new party strategy. Selvi said Erdoğan plan to make changes to his cabinet as well as the paradigm of the AKP. After that, he plans on launching a new tour of the country.

Erdogan allegedly sent a congratulatory tweet to newly appointed Prime Minister of Britain Boris Johnson on Wednesday despite reports that Twitter was blocked in Turkey.

Turkish NBA player Enes Kanter roasted the rumors of Erdogan’s death tweeting: “Erdogan can’t have a heart attack because he doesn’t have a heart”.



Source: Israel in the News