Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump criticized President Obama when asked to clarify comments that the president identifies with radical Muslims.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated Monday that there are times when it appears to him that President Barack Obama supports Muslims at the expense of Israel.

“I was referring to the fact that at times President Obama seems more in support of Muslims than Israel,” Donald Trump said in statement to Bloomberg Politics sent by spokeswoman Hope Hicks.

“For example the Iran deal, which was one of the worst deals in history, gave $150 billion dollars to a radical regime, which will allow them to fund terrorist activities as well as pursue their stated goal of ‘full annihilation and destruction’ of Israel. It is great for Iran and bad for Israel and the United States,” Trump said.

Trumps’ comment came in response to a question by Bloomberg to the Trump campaign about what Trump meant when he said that Obama possibly grasped the Muslim terrorism problem “better than anybody understands.”

In an earlier statement, the Trump campaign said it was inaccurate to say he suggested Obama was involved in Orlando shooting at a night club Sunday night, in which an Islamic State (ISIS) affiliated terrorist murdered 49 people.

By: United with Israel Staff

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Source: United with Israel