President Trump announced on Monday that he takes hydroxychloroquine  with azithromycin as a preventative measure against the coronavirus. After speaking about it, he made a reference to a Hasidic Jewish doctor from New York who has been leading the charge on providing early stage Covid patients with hydroxychloroquine.

“I got a letter from a doctor the other day from Westchester New York – around the area” Trump said at a press briefing. “He didn’t want anything. He just said sir I have hundreds of patients and I give them hydroxychloroquine. I give them the Z-pac which is the azithromycin. And I give them zinc. And out of the hundreds of patients, many hundreds, of patients, I haven’t lost one. He said please keep pressing that sir.”

The doctor is seemingly Dr. Vladimir Zelenko from Monroe, NY who has been leading the charge on prescribing hydroxychloroquine for outpatient care.

But just as president Trump was inpsired to take the prophylactic by Dr. Zelenko, the Westchester area doctor says that he was inspired to push the drug by God.

In a recent interview on a podcast, Dr. Zelenko revealed that he had a near death experience and that God put the idea in his head saying:

 “I don’t believe it was me. God put this idea. I was dead two years ago from terminal cancer,. And seriously – and the fact that I survived, I was wondering why God spared me. So for this moment in history, it seems that I didn’t ask for this” the Upstate New York doctor said.
“I’m only doing this because if I don’t, the message doesn’t get spread and the bad people win.” Dr Zelenko continued explaining how since he already considers himself to have been dead, he is not afraid to withstand threats as other Chinese doctors did and even paid with their lives saying:  “I had pulmonary artery sarcoma, (only) ten cases a year in the world, all found at autopsy. I had open-heart surgery. I lost my right lung. I was in terrible chemo for a year. I’m still in chemo. Why am I telling you this is that and I was ready to die. And I was ready to say goodbye to my children and so on. So I’m looking at life from that other world. If they want to take me out they’ll take me out. There’s a God that runs the world. I have zero fear about these things. because I was already dead in a sense, you understand? So the best soldiers are the ones that assume that they’re already dead.”

Source: Israel in the News