Many heartfelt Yom Kippur greetings came out from the White House, including the President, the Vice President, and the First-Daughter.

Trump tweeted a photo of himself praying at the Kotel (Western Wall) with the caption, “My thoughts are with all those observing Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year.”

 My thoughts are with all those observing Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year.

Vice President Pence tweeted, “On this holiest of Jewish days, may our Jewish friends be granted a Yom Kippur of atonement, forgiveness & inscription in the Book of Life.”

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Last week, Pence issued a statement for the Jewish New Year which reflected a deep understanding and appreciation for the Jewish holiday.

The most important word during this most important period of the Jewish year is “Teshuvah,” or Repentance. Teshuva tells us we can change. It tells us that what we have been until this moment need not limit what we can become from this moment. It says we can be better tomorrow than we were today, and that in the affairs of humankind, nothing is fixed. Of all the manifold gifts bestowed upon us by the Almighty, is there any gift greater than the power He gave us to change?

Today, it is not just the Jewish people who find themselves and their freedoms imperiled. It is all of us. Therefore let us all approach this Jewish New Year with unity, solidarity, and a renewed strength of purpose.

Ivanka Trump, the president’s Jewish daughter, tweeted, “Wishing everyone an easy and meaningful fast and may we all be inscribed in the Book of Life. G’mar Hatimah Tovah! (A good final sealing, the traditional greeting for YomKippur).”


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