Trump: America needs more Jews who Love Israel

Trump: America needs more Jews who Love Israel

At a fundraiser on Sunday, President Trump told a crowd of Jewish supporters that “we need more Jews in the U.S. that love Israel,” reports Belaaz.

The event was hosted at the home of the late Stanley Chera in Long Branch, New Jersey. Chera was a real estate developer and a confidant of Trump. He passed away in April following complications from coronavirus.

“Unfortunately there are Jews that don’t like Israel,” Trump told the over 200 Jewish backers at the mini-rally. “You just lost a great supporter of Israel, Elliot Engel,” he added, referring to the Jewish NY congressman who lost his primary to his leftist opponent Jamaal Bowman.

Trump’s sentiments were reminiscent of statements he made last year, when he said that Jews who vote Democrat are “very disloyal to Israel.”

The event took place in a packed outdoor tent.  Those who attended the event were tested for covid-19 in a drive-through mobile testing facility set up outside the gathering.

Trump reminded the attendees how he moved the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He also vowed that if he were to be reelected, “we will have a deal with Iran within four weeks.” In 2018, Trump nullified the nuclear agreement signed by his predecessor Barack Obama with Tehran as well as leaders of five other world powers. Trump charged that the deal wasn’t enough to halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Admission to the fundraiser started at $5,600. A $250,000 ticket would get you a round-table sit-down and photo-op with President Trump.

During the beginning of the reception, local rabbis recited a blessing for President Trump. As soon as the president entered the stage, the crowd chanted, “Four more years!”

Haim Chera, Stanley’s son and a principal in his father’s company Crown Acquisitions, introduced the president saying: “Your sincerity and care for my father I will never forget.You told me he was a real friend to you, and that you knew Stanley was an authentic friend, with no agenda other than to support you.”

Chera also called President Trump a “warrior” against coronavirus. Chera added that the the virus that took his father’s life was “recklessly or maliciously released onto our shores from China.” He also thanked the president for dedicating time to “offer your assistance to us.”

Stanley Chera was not only a real estate developer but also a philanthropist for a wide array of Jewish causes. He was a pillar of the Syrian Jewish community in New York City and in Deal, N.J. known for being generous. Chera also owned several high-end properties in Manhattan, such as the St. Regis New York Hotel. Chera donated over a half a million dollars to Trump’s 2016 election and 2020 re-election campaigns, according to a report in the New York Times.

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