Divine will is often expressed through natural means and 2017 was an exceptional year, marked by several major hurricanes, earthquakes, and a rare solar eclipse. Most (though not all) of these events could be explained by scientists but a deeper look into their prophetic significance gives a different perspective.

1. 100-Year-Old Jewish Prophecy Predicts Solar Eclipse Portends Destruction of North Korea

A solar eclipse seen from space, with elements furnished from NASA. (Shutterstock)

A prophecy in a 100-year-old book of Jewish mysticism prophesied that a solar eclipse would usher in powerful storms and signal disaster for “Kings of the East”. A prominent Jerusalem rabbi identified Kim Jong Un, the despotic leader of North Korea, as one of those kings.

2. Did Solar Eclipse Bring Hurricane Harvey? Eclipse Rabbis Point to Prophecy Fulfilled

A satellite image of Hurricane Harvey making landfall in Texas. (Twitter/National Weather Service San Antonio)

The path of totality of the rare total eclipse passed over the entirety of the US before going out to sea and touching on a trio of minor storm systems. These systems developed into Harvey, Irma, and Jose, three storms that devastated the US and Caribbean in precisely the manner described in the prophecy.

3. Rabbi: Incredibly Rare 9-Hour Rainbow in Taiwan ‘Sign of Our Dangerous Times’

(Graphic Stock)

The post-flood sign of God’s promise to Noah was replayed when a rainbow was observed in the skies over Taiwan for an astounding nine hours. Though God promised never to use a flood to destroy the world again, one rabbi understood this sign as a message specifically for our generation, which has a god-like power of global destruction.

4. ‘Year of Earthquakes’ Caused By Man’s Immorality, But Will End After Messiah: Rabbi


This year was also marked by drastically increased seismic activity around the globe, including three catastrophic earthquakes in Mexico, another deadly earthquake in Iraq, and thousands of tremors at the Yellowstone Caldera.

5. Spectacular Geminid Meteor Shower Signals Messiah’s Approach: Mystic Rabbi


The whole world looked to the heavens as spectacular meteor shower hovered above the entire globe, signaling a close proximity pass of a huge asteroid. These astronomical phenomena were specifically described in Jewish mystical sources as accompanying the arrival of the Messiah.

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6. Freak Hail Storm Brings Seventh Plague to Argentinian Heartland

Massive hailstones fall into the sea in Argentina during the storm, Thursday, October 27, 2017. (Screenshot)

The seventh plague that hit Egypt before the Exodus was recreated in Argentina as a freak hailstorm literally buried people in their cars under five feet of ice. Though the Argentinian version of the plague lacked the miraculous mixture of fire and ice, it was still remarkably destructive.

7. Prophesied Sounds of Messiah Heard Around World in Mysterious ‘Booms’


In one week, strange ‘booms’ terrified residents and left experts scratching their heads. Heard across the US and in Europe, these powerful sounds registered on scientific instruments but there remains no explanation for them. In several places, these sounds were accompanied by fireballs tracking across the sky. Though scientists remain baffled, Biblical scholars understand the signs as those described by the prophets.

8. 8WATCH: Hurricane Irma Recreates Splitting of Red Sea in Florida and Bahamas

The winds of Hurricane Irma drove back the ocean from the shores, leaving miles of dry land. (Screenshot)

A hint of the Exodus revealed itself in Florida as Hurricane Irma caused a section of the ocean to recede, leaving a swath of dry land wide enough for a nation to walk upon. Boats were left high-and-dry and marine mammals were stranded but the amazing scene remained long enough for bystanders to be amazed by the glorious sight.

9. Locust ‘Plague’ of Biblical Proportions Strikes Across Globe [WATCH]

Desert locusts feast on grass. (Shutterstock)

Despite man’s best technological efforts, swarms of locusts still appear, plaguing modern farmers just as they did Egyptian farmers in Biblical times. Clouds of the voracious flying insects covered wide areas in Russia creating bizarre scenes in which desperate farmers went out to catch the insects in nets. Trinidad was struck by locusts, though local experts still have no idea where the bugs came from.

9. Ghana River Turns Blood-Red Preceding Local Exodus Festival [WATCH]

The Nsukwao River in Ghana turns blood red (Photo via Twitter Strange Sounds)

Residents of this town in Ghana were shocked when their idyllic river, an essential source of their livelihood, turned blood red overnight. The significance of the scene was not lost on them as it preceded a local festival commemorating their tribal exodus.

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