Three New Ambulances to be Dedicated in Honor of Fallen Israeli War Hero

On Thursday 23 July at 5:00 pm Jerusalem time, ZAKA, an Israeli international Aid organization will be hosting a dedication ceremony for three new Ambulances. 

One ambulance will be deployed to Jerusalem, the city that suffered the most in the Jewish state during the coronavirus outbreak. The second one will be for Sderot, the most targeted city in Israel by Hamas rockets. The third one will be for the southern Red Sea port city of Eilat, where whale sharks recently approached and circled bathers. 


The three ambulances will form a new unit in Memory of Dov Einding. Einding, considered to be among the lesser-known leaders of Israel’s Religious Zionist movement, was known to build bridges between Israel’s secular and religious Jews. Einding was tragically killed in Israel’s Yom Kippur (1973) war.

Like all ambulances, these ones are also tasked with saving lives – whether it be pandemics like COVID-19 or malicious acts like terrorism. 

ZAKA, is on the front lines deploying their ambulances to mitigate any disaster that hits the state of Israel – be it natural or man-made.

But to support this holy operation, ZAKA relies on donations from friends of Israel. 

In other words, any amount of charity that you are able to contribute will go directly to saving the life (or prevention of worsening injury) to the people of Israel. The Jewish state needs ambulances. Terror and a highly anticipated second coronavirus wave make God’s Holy Land vulnerable. But your contribution can alleviate any of the fallout. And you can do that by sponsoring an ambulance while making a donation to the ZAKA organization today. 

As we speak, Israel’s enemies are planning it’s demise. God won’t let it happen but you can be a part of that battle. Even if you can’t take up arms and fight, saving the lives of the injured is equally (if not greater) effort in the war. Be Israel’s medic. Donate to ZAKA today.  


Source: Israel in the News