This Organization Ensures that Jews Worldwide are Able to be Buried in Israel

You may know about the international humanitarian aid organization ZAKA’s incredible mission of Chessed Shel Emes, (true kindness) and how the organization ensures that those who tragically die in accidents and acts of terror, will get a proper burial. But do you know that isn’t the only act of Chessed Shel Emes they engage in?


At ZAKA, it is of utmost importance that Jews who pass away get proper Jewish burials, according to our customs. Another way ZAKA engages in this holy work is by helping Jews from around the world to easily bury their loved ones in Israel if they so desire. 


ZAKA helps transfer the body, cut through all the necessary red tape, and ensure that the burial process is done properly from start to finish. ZAKA does this for free!


Since COVID-19 began, the process has become significantly more complicated. Additional health measures, personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, travel restrictions, and fewer flights have added to the complexity of burying someone in Israel. In addition, while ZAKA usually has an average of 3 or 4 requests per week, today due to the pandemic, we’re averaging 7 per day.


ZAKA has made a point to double down and maintain the same level of support they always offer, even though the work is much more complicated. Today, ZAKA needs your help to ensure that they can continue to offer this important service to the Jewish nation spread across the world. 


Can you help ZAKA continue to ensure proper Jewish burials for the Jews still living in the diaspora? 


Making a donation is quick and easy – and SSL secured – so you can make a quick and safe donation that will directly contribute to ZAKA’s Chessed Shel Emes, true kindness. 


Please click Here to make a contribution.

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