An Israeli sportswear company releases a running shoe colored like a veritable plate of the ubiquitous Middle Eastern dish.

By: Beth Stern, United with Israel

Tel Aviv-based Sneakerbox is having a worldwide release on Friday of its newest collaborative effort with French activewear company Le Coq Sportif – a sneaker designed after a plate of hummus, the Calcalist reported.

But not just any hummus. After all, there is plenty of footwear out in the marketplace that is colored a light beige.

This sneaker contains all the hues one would see in a hummus special: beige, of course, but also burgundy and green, inspired by the paprika and parsley that must be added in order to decorate and add flavor to a proper plateful of the blend of chickpeas and tahini. And to top it off, the company is providing three different colors of laces for their customers to match – green, ochre and paprika.

Called the LSC R800 “Hummus,” it is a special edition, meaning that the number of pairs produced is limited. Only 200 pairs were made, 85 of which will go to the Israeli store, while others will rech the far corners of the earth (Australia, Japan and South Africa, among others). According to online magazine, they will set consumers back a mere $185. Reviews of the shoe thus far were favorable, with saying that the Hummus “is a successful, sporty and stylish silhouette for any casual occasion.”

As announced on Sneakerbox’s Instagram account, the special running shoe is coming out to mark the company’s seventh anniversary, and its look was created “in order to give these shoes a truly Israeli feel and international appeal.”

Certainly hummus has become a popular dish far beyond its birthplace in the Middle East. Sales in the US alone topped $725 million annually in 2016, according to figures cited in

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