The world should be on trial in Jerusalem

The world should be on trial in Jerusalem

Everyone is guilty and everyone should be held responsible.

After Israel defeats Hamas in Gaza, should it try the Oct. 7 terrorists Eichmann-style in Jerusalem? Or, given Israel’s unfairly tainted reputation, might such a trial be seen as more “impartial” if it were held in Nuremberg?

Those who believe that the Germans are more trustworthy than the Israelis are deluded. Perhaps they did not live through or study the Holocaust. Likely, they were not even born in 1972 when Palestinian terrorists massacred 11 Israeli Olympic athletes in Munich with the support of neo-Nazi Germans. The murders were enabled by the extraordinary incompetence of the German police.

The only place a fair and trustworthy trial of Hamas could take place is Jerusalem.

According to prominent international lawyer Avi Bell: “There’s no existing framework for trials against Hamas terrorists or the Hamas terrorist organization in Nuremberg (the closest would be trials with German prosecutors and under German law, which will never happen). There’s no way I can see any agreement for a new tribunal and, in any event, I wouldn’t have great confidence in any such tribunal judging Palestinian terrorists or even being willing to put them on trial. I would like to see fair trials of Hamas terrorists; the only chance of that is in Israel, and even in Israel, there’s a danger it would be too forgiving to the terrorists (depends on the court).”

Israeli prosecutor Gavriel Bach at the Jerusalem trial of Adolf Eichmann, April 18, 1961. Seated are prosecutors Gideon Hausner, Jacob Robinson and Jacob Breuer. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.
(source: JNS)

But we face an even greater problem: Hamas terrorists, starting with their leader Yahya Sinwar, are not the only ones who should be on trial in Jerusalem and before history.=

With a few blessed exceptions, almost the entire world must be judged for supporting Iran and Qatar’s proxy armies: Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, etc.

The United Nations belongs on trial. The only thing it has ever done is legalize Jew-hatred. They passed a resolution falsely claiming that Zionism is racism rather than a resolution that accurately stated that anti-Zionism is racism.

The world professoriate, students, human rights activists and media also belong on trial for having incited the immediate and continuing jackal chorus for a “ceasefire,” which is the equivalent of a call to ethnically cleanse the Holy Land of Jews. Some of them have been on the Iranian and Arab oil payroll for more than 60 years.

Iran’s leaders must also appear in the dock. The mullahs have indoctrinated, funded and strategized with not only Hamas but also the zombie armies who march for jihad in the West.

Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen. Source: Wikimedia Commons.
(source: JNS)

Let’s not forget every single Muslim country that has refused to offer safe passage or temporary shelter to Gaza civilians. They also belong on trial. None of them want the Arab Palestinians. They do not want the enormous trouble they will inevitably bring with them. Please note: Such countries, by refusing entry to civilians, make no distinction between the “innocent” civilians of Gaza and the terrorists whose ideology and torture control them.

A prominent Arab anti-Islamist recently told me: “Egypt let them in and found themselves awash in their own blood. Jordan had to expel them for the same reason. Lebanon? Destroyed by them, weakened so much that Hezbollah just took Lebanon over.”

“So, the Palestinians remain a Jewish burden only, is that it?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

Israeli security forces at the scene where a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip hit a shelter in the southern Israeli city of Sderot, Oct. 9, 2023. Photo by Yossi Zamir/Flash90.

I replied, “Only Israel is expected to feed, house, and keep Gazans safe from their own leaders. Did the Allies feed and protect civilians in Nazi Germany during the war? If not, why is Israel and Israel alone expected to do so?”

The trial must take place in Jerusalem. Eichmann’s trial gave voice to our six million slaughtered and to those who survived and could bear witness. The world could no longer deny the Holocaust or refuse to understand it—at least for a time. Eventually, Holocaust denial crept back in and is flourishing today.

On Oct. 7 itself, the denial of the Hamas massacre began and continues to this day. Only a trial can dim this tide of unreason.

Israel has the footage and the forensic evidence to make its case. Survivors, as well as witnesses, are plentiful. The indifferent, otherwise occupied or Jew-hating world must be confronted with what they have done. May evidence, fact, truth and justice prevail and may its consequences keep Jews safe—at least for a time.

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