The Purpose for Miracles in Biblical Times and Today

Episode 11

An Excursus on Miracles – Why did the Galatians experience miracles (Gal 3:5)?

Show Notes

In today’s episode, Tim Hegg takes us through an excursus on miracles as a way to help us understand why the Galatians experienced miracles (Gal 3:5). Why did Yeshua perform miracles? Were they performed to gain Him acceptance by the masses? Do miracles happen today? Get answers to these questions and more here, on the Messianic Podcast.

An Excursus on Miracles (PDF), by Tim Hegg

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The Virgin Birth: An Inquiry into the Biblical Doctrine, by Tim Hegg
Many believers today do not understand the signficance of the virgin birth. Far more than simply a fantastic story, the virginal conception of our Messiah Yeshua is foundational to our very salvation. In this article, Tim Hegg explores the doctrine of the virgin birth. Hegg shows that this theology is directly connected to the way God saves His elect. Hegg looks at the various accounts in the Gospels to shed light on this doctrine, then looks at the early believers’ understanding of this doctrine. Hegg also explores the claim that this doctrine comes from pagan origin. This article is a wonderful resource for those defending or attempting to learn about the virgin birth.

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