The Prophetic Gog and Magog Connection Between Russia and Hamas

The Prophetic Gog and Magog Connection Between Russia and Hamas

The first in a two-part series, Efraim Palvanov, a teacher and author of the blog Mayim Achronim (final waters), brings Biblical prophecies and Jewish sources that describe the current wars, in Ukraine and Israel, as being consistent with end-of-days predictions recorded in classical Jewish literature.

“I found something a few weeks ago that just really blew me away and I’ve been really excited to share it,” Palvanov said in the video. “But I’m gonna leave that to the end. We’ll save the best for last.”So don’t  fall asleep.”

Palvanov referred to lectures he gave two years ago during the pandemic in which he suggested that the world was in the pre-messiah period. 

“When I actually went back to look at it, it was pretty amazing that what we suggested three years ago has pretty much come true, quite exactly year by year,” Palvanov said.

He referred to a famous prophecy that appears in several places in the Talmud and Midrash about the final seven years before the Moshiach (Messiah) comes. And we made a suggestion then that we are within this seven year time period.”

Palvanov then began to teach from the Talmud (Sanhedrin 97a):

“The Sages taught with regard to the seven-year period, [i.e., the Sabbatical cycle] during which the Messiah, son of David, comes: During the first year, this verse will be fulfilled: “And I will cause it to rain upon one city and cause it not to rain upon another city” (Amos 4:7). During the second year of that period, arrows of famine will be shot. During the third year, there will be a great famine, and men, women, children, the pious, and men of action will die, and the Torah is forgotten by those who study it. During the fourth year, there will be plenty but not great plenty. During the fifth year, there will be great plenty and they will eat, drink, and rejoice, and the Torah will return to those who study it. During the sixth year, heavenly voices will be heard. During the Sabbatical Year, wars, [e.g., the war of Gog and Magog], will be waged involving the Jewish people. During the year after the conclusion of the Sabbatical Year, the son of David will come.”

“So in the first year of the sabbatical cycle, there’s going to be droughts in some places and flooding in other places,” Palvanov explained. “This means there will be severe weather, strange weather around the world. That is something we see that is fairly common in our day and age.”

“And then in the second year, the arrows of famine will be sent forth. But this is a prelude for the third year when there will be a  great famine and many people will die,” Palvanov said. “In 2021, we suggested that this was the pandemic.”

He cited a collection of Midrash called Shir HaShirim  (Song of Songs) Rabbah (2:13) which stated in the name of Rabbi Chiya Bar Abba that “before the days of Moshiach,a  great plague will engulf the world.”

“If that is the case, then in the second year, the arrows of this plague will be launched, but it won’t be visible in the world yet,” Palvanov said. “And then in the third year, there’s going to be a full-blown global catastrophe, in which many people will die.” 

He noted that, indeed, several great rabbis passed away as a result of the pandemic. The Talmud states that children will also suffer and while young people were the demographic that was not affected by the disease, lockdowns and other “protective measures” that harmed their education and socialization harmed them perhaps more than any other age group. 

“I remember that first long lockdown when kids couldn’t even play in the park and it was really distressing and I know of several young people that even attempted suicide,” Palvanov lamented. “In many ways, the cure was worse than the disease.”

He also noted that synagogues and churches were locked down even while social events and left-wing protests were allowed to take place.

“So when this prophecy says that Torah will be forgotten, that Torah study will be less, that certainly happened,” he said. 

He explained that the first year of the sabbatical cycle according to the prophecy corresponded to 2018 or, on the Jewish calendar, 5778. He explained that the calendars were slightly offset as the Jewish year begins in the Hebrew month of  Tishrei, which corresponds roughly to September, whereas the secular calendar begins in January. He explained that the second year would correspond to  2019, or  5779. According to the Talmud, in the fifth year, corresponding to 2022, there will be plenty.

“That is when everything pretty much went back to normal,” Palvanov said.

He then continued in the Talmud which stated that in the sixth year, there will be “sounds” and in the seventh, there will be war.

In the sixth year, that is to say, last year, there will be rumors of war, and in the seventh, these wars will burst out as great wars. 

“So from the Jewish calendar, which started at the end of September, 5784, that would correspond to [wars].. And that is precisely what we witnessed, tragically, right at the beginning of the Jewish year, at the beginning of 5784, which would correspond to this seven years.”

Palvanov suggested that there was a clear buildup to the war in Israel.

“Before the war, what dominated Jewish news was the divide in Israel, almost a civil war, with people hating on each other and crazy infighting, protesting, and soldiers refusing to report to duty. This was a very dangerous time for Israel and the Jewish people because our enemies saw that we were weak and divided. And we know that what God hates more than anything else is when the Jewish people are hating on each other and are being divisive and fighting and that usually leads to some catastrophe.”

Palvanov noted an obscure but shocking connection between the Hamas attack on October 7 and Russia.

“In September, just a few months ago, there was all this talk about Israel and Saudi Arabia signing a peace deal that was pretty comprehensive, and included a lot more trade between the two countries, including a rail network that would connect from Saudi Arabia through Israel to Europe,” Palvanov said. “Most significantly, this would have included pipelines, enabling Saudi Arabia to sell its oil to Europe. Also, Israel now has gas and wants to make pipelines directly to Europe. This was a problem for Russia because their main source of income was oil and gas to Europe. The agreement between Israel And Saudi Arabia would have  undercut Russia.”

“So Russia wanted this deal killed and the Palestinians, of course, also wanted this deal killed. For Russia, this war was like a triple win, because they protected their oil and gas revenue, and also, all of the attention was off of Russia. Everybody was suddenly talking about Israel and Hamas. All the people in the West began protesting on behalf of the Palestinians whereas a year ago, everybody was protesting in support of the Ukrainians.”

Palvanov suggested that Russia may have encouraged or even enabled the Hamas attack.

“So Russia wins from that. And not only that, but now, Ukraine is getting less funding and less money. It is interesting that within days of the attack, Russia hosted a Hamas delegation in Moscow and then hosted them again a few weeks later. Russia does not consider Hamas a terrorist organization. Abu Marzouk, one of Hamas’ leaders, actually said openly to the media that Russia is Hamas’ best friend.”

“It is also very interesting that coincidentally, although we don’t believe in coincidences, is that October 7 is Vladimir Putin’s birthday. It’s almost like Hamas gave Putin a birthday present.” 

Palvanov noted that Hamas attacked Israel on the final day of the feast of Sukkot.  In his video, Palvanov noted that this connection between the War of Gog and Magog is because just as all 70 nations were represented in the Sukkot sacrifices, all 70 nations will take part in the war.

“This is a fulfillment of the prophecy that the final war would start on Sukkot,” Palvanov said. “And how long will it last?”

Palvanov cites a Mishna (Eduyot 2:10):

“[Rabbi Akiva] used to say that there are five things that last twelve months: The judgment of the generation of the flood [continued] twelve months; The judgment of Job [continued] twelve months; The judgment of the Egyptians [continued] twelve months; The judgment of Gog and Magog in the time to come [will continue] twelve months…”

Palvanov then notes that the current year in the Hebrew calendar is a leap year and has an additional month.

“Hopefully we are in that year as we all want the Moshiach to happen soon,” he added. He then cited a midrash (Pirkei D’Rabbi Eliezer chapter 30) which described  three wars the “sons of Ishmael” (i.e. the Arabs) will wage in the end of days based on a verse in Isaiah:

For they have fled before swords: Before the whetted sword, Before the bow that was drawn, Before the stress of war. Isaiah 21:15

“One in the forest of Arabia [i.e. the west],” the midrash states. “One on the  sea, and one in a big city.”

“This describes the Hamas attack on October 7,” Palvanov said. “It was a three-pronged attack; they came from the sea, in ultralight aircraft, and they came into the cities and kibbutzim, and they attacked in the wilderness at the nature party.”

“This verse is about swords and the name of the Israeli offensive is Swords of Iron,” Palvanov said. 

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