small_solEach year we mourn the destruction of the Holy Temple. However, there is no doubt that in our current society, where we live comfortably and enjoy religious freedom, it is difficult to mourn the loss of something that we never personally experienced.

Is the loss of our Holy Temple nothing more than a sad chapter in the annals of history that we commemorate each year? Or even now, centuries later, is it something that truly has a place in our lives?

The time has come to answer this question. Now, during the days leading up to Tisha B’Av, the saddest day on the Jewish calendar, when we commemorate the destruction of both Holy Temples.

An inspiring new film called Silver Linings explores our emotional connection to ancient Jerusalem through the eyes of a stone. The proceeds from this film will support the safety of over 1000 Jewish families who live in protected neighborhoods of reclaimed eastern Jerusalem, in and around the Temple Mount area.

Silver Linings


The story begins with a single rock, a unique stone that played a pivotal role in our patriarch Jacob’s journey as, divinely inspired by a vision of angels ascending and descending a ladder, he laid the foundation for the Jewish nation.

Jerusalem stone

Against all odds, that single stone survives the destruction that engulfed Jerusalem’s holiest site, not once, but twice, ultimately enduring to bear testament to the eternity of the Jewish people.

Silver Linings shares the journey of this rock, from biblical times through today.

It testifies poignantly that even today, we remain firmly connected to the Holy Temple and our forefathers. It is an emotional reminder that those who truly mourn Jerusalem will one day merit seeing the city rebuilt in all her glory.

Click here to watch the movie and support Jewish families who live in protected areas in order to safeguard the sanctity and Jewishness of neighborhoods close to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.
videoWhile the suggested donation to watch the film is $18 for individuals and $100 for groups, higher amounts are encouraged and very much appreciated!

Your support directly enables Jewish families, including thousands of children, to live safely in ancient Jewish areas of eastern Jerusalem, close to the Temple Mount.

Everyone who donates will receive an email with a link to watch the entire film. We thank you for your support and know that you will be inspired by this amazing film!


Source: United with Israel